What Is An Internship?

An internship allows the student a unique opportunity to see the daily activities of their chosen career path. They will receive hands-on experience, which in itself is an invaluable piece of knowledge. They will understand the value of being a member of a team, and how their actions affect others. They will understand how important honesty; integrity and dependability are in the real world. **Most internships are not paid. **

Completing an internship as a high school student helps prepare you early for finding internships and jobs in the future. It also helps students decide what courses they may like to take when they begin college. High school students will begin to develop the confidence and skills they will need when applying for opportunities in the future. This experience will make it easier when applying since you will have already developed the skills you need to be successful.

What are the expectations for the intern at the site?

Interns will be working in a professional setting and are expected to act professionally. The intern is expected: to be punctual, to work hard, to act responsibly, to maintain confidentiality, and to dress appropriately throughout the internship experience. Interns will be working alongside professionals each day and assisting them with projects and being part of a real team. Interns will be doing a variety of tasks, and with each task completed is a skill that is mastered. There is no limit to the amount of knowledge that can be gained in any internship. Imagine gaining this type of knowledge before you go off to college?

How do you apply?

The Internship program at the Family Support Council is just like any job, you must apply, interview and be selected.

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