Overcoming Parental Estrangement Program

Family Support Council will host a ten week support group to help parents who are estranged from their adult children. The “Parental Estrangement” support group meets weekly. It will address topics such as: how to handle blame & criticism from your child and how to handle being cut off from your adult children or grandchildren. Strategies for reconciliation will be a component of the course, but not the primary goal. We seek rather to provide support for those who must endure emotional pain and anxiety of a situation that is on-going and often out of their control. The format of the group will be both educational and process-oriented. It will be professionally facilitated by the therapist we have on staff at FSC. The content will be based on the work of Dr. Joshua Coleman, a well-known expert in the field of Estrangement.

Contact any Family Support Council staff member for further information at (775) 782-8692.

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