Kit’s Valley Childcare


The Family Support Council (FSC) Kit’s Valley Childcare center focuses on interventions for both school readiness and trauma informed care. We work with your child to not only increase their Pre-K skills in language and communication, reading, math, science and social study, but also their social and emotional development.

Rationale and Approach/Program Design

Kit’s Valley Childcare provides crucial preschool/daycare support for families, allowing one or both parents to return to work.  Our facility is also utilized to help children and families who have had traumatic events (i.e. domestic abuse) in their lives by implementing trauma-informed interventions and also by allowing access to socially-appropriate peers.

At Kit’s Valley Childcare, we believe in developing caring relationships, as well as helping to keep their environment clean (i.e. disinfecting toys/tables/chairs), safe and helping to ensure they receive nutritious meals and snacks. We are working on implementing the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and will work with parents to ensure they are providing adequate and nutritious meals and snacks. Studies have shown that children learn better when their basic needs (i.e. food, shelter, love, and water) are being met first, so we will do all we can to create a supportive, caring, and nutritious environment.

Thru this facility, we are not only helping parents to be able to return to work while being able to afford daycare, but we are also helping to prepare children for a more successful school experience.

Kit’s Valley Staff

Employees, Volunteers and Interns at Kit’s Valley Childcare must pass a background check and TB test. They are required to have CPR and First Aid, complete 24 hours of Nevada Registry training, and complete basic Victim Assistance Training (VAT) that provides all staff members with valuable tools to help them recognize trauma in children, as well as provide early interventions to help the child heal from trauma.


We utilize curriculum from a few different sources, but primarily use The Little Owl Academy and Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten that is based on a themed unit approach where each unit is rich with vocabulary, numbers, alphabet, tactile development activities, reading and arts and crafts. We use a variety of hands-on learning, exploring and sensory activities to enrich and enhance the learning environment. Personal hygiene, relations with others, social growth and adjustment and independent learning are also key components of our program.

Kit’s Valley Childcare is run by Program Director Karen Best, under supervision from the FSC’s Executive Director Steve Decker.

Fees, Licensing, and Ratios

Our facility is a licensed Children’s Cabinet provider. Our fees will follow their fee schedule, and you will be able to apply for subsidies through their website:

Our fees (before subsidy) will be as follows:

Infants (birth to 12 months): $45/day

Toddlers (1-3 years old): $42/day

Preschoolers (4-6 years old): $37/day

Our facility is licensed by the State of Nevada Childcare licensing. Our license is posted on site. Should you have any questions or concerns about our facility’s license, please contact Karen Best at [email protected]

Kit’s Valley Childcare will follow State of Nevada’s Childcare ratios. It is our goal to maintain a 2:1 ratio. With this in place, we will strive to maintain 2 children per staff member. This will help with our trauma-informed services, allowing for trust to be built amongst both the children and the member. We also see that this will help both children to work on their social-emotional skills alongside their school readiness skills.

Daily Schedule

Our facility is open from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Appointments to visit and learn more about our facility can be scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

As two components of our program will be working so closely together, they will follow similar schedules. Our infants will be on a schedule that works for their age.

This schedule is a working/flexible schedule, and may vary, but is here to serve as a general guide for you. All children enrolled in 5 hours or more per day must have a nap or rest period. Extra time has been added to ensure time for washing hands and bathroom breaks.

9:00-10:00Arrival and BreakfastArrival and Breakfast
10:50-11:20Fine Motor SkillsLiteracy
11:35-12:05Gross MotorMath
12:05-1:00Lunch and RecessLunch and Recess
1:00-2:00Nap/Rest/Quiet TimeNap/Rest/Quiet Time
2:00-2:30Sensory BinsScience/SS/Art
4:00-5:00Choice TimeChoice Time
5:00-6:00Prepare to go homePrepare to go home