hands“Mediation is a process for people in conflict which includes two or more participants and one or two mediators. The trained impartial mediator(s) helps people in conflict to communicate with one another, understand each other, explore options for mutual gain, and if possible, reach agreements that satisfy the participants’ needs. A mediator(s) does not provide legal advice or recommend the terms of any agreements. Instead, the mediator(s) helps people reach their own decisions which may include agreements, may rebuild their relationship, and if possible, find lasting solutions to their disputes. Mediation is a process that lets people speak for themselves and make their own decisions.”(

Mediation can be a life changing experience for those people who are experiencing conflict, it is appropriate for many different kinds of situations including family, work, neighbors, small claims, and other situations involving two or more persons in conflict. It is a place to talk and express your issues along with possible solutions with a trained mediator/conflict resolution professional to help guide the process and keep it productive. Mediation has a very high agreement rate and is a great alternative to long term life altering consequences such as divorce, court, lawyers, quitting your job or getting fired, and possibly selling and moving from your home. Mediation does not have to be a “one time” process either. If you have one of those conflicts that you can’t seem to navigate on your own, I hope that you will give mediation/conflict resolution a try before doing anything too drastic!


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