Family Resources & Parenting

Welcome to the one stop shop for families in need. If you don’t see what you need on the lists below, please contact us at (775) 782-8692.

Family Resources

Our Family Resource Center provides free:

  • Diapers
  • Toiletries for the entire family
    •  Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Soap
    • Lotion
  • Baby supplies
  • Blankets
  • Coats
  • Hats
  • Mittens
  • Children’s birthday gifts
  • Holiday gifts

If you’re interested, please Contact Us, then come on in.  Not only will we provide you with help, but teach you a mini class on family budgets.

Parenting Classes

Family Support Council offers parenting classes for parents with children of all ages. Each of the classes discuss topics such as: parenting styles, goals of misbehavior, encouragement vs. praise, communication and discipline. They consists of six sessions, which takes approximately one hour. These classes can take place here at our office or in your home.  FSC also offers a co-parenting through divorce or separation class called “Children in the Middle.” This is also a six week course and is offered in both English and Spanish.  This class is only offered at our office.

Parenting classes can benefit any parent or guardian who wants to strengthen the relationship between themselves and their child by focusing on long-term parenting skills.

To sign up for classes please call 775 782-8692 to register or stop by our office located at 1255 Waterloo Lane, Suite ‘A’ in Gardnerville.

  • Parenting Young Children (ages 0-5)
  • Effective Parenting (ages 6-12)
  • Surviving Your Teen (ages 13-18)
  • Children In The Middle (separated/divorced parents)
  • Healthy Beginnings (prenatal info./resources)
  • Family Resource Center for Douglas County

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