Pat’s Place


Purpose: The purpose of the Pat’s Place policy and procedure is to ensure that participants in FSC programs have safe and effective transitional homes, with temporary family placements.


Scope: For all FSC program locations



  1. All Pat’s Place families will be screened by a FSC employee or consultant.       Criteria will include ability for the individual to be placed in a safe area and willingness to engage with a victim of DV/SA. Pat’s Place families will receive no remuneration for hosting a FSC participant.
  2. Families will receive an orientation prior to participating in a Pat’s Place that will cover the FSC mission; Victim’s Assistance Training, expectations of meals, lodging, and participation in the family; health and safety; emergency procedures; financial remuneration if any; FSC’s sexual harassment and drugs and alcohol policy, as well as diversity responsibilities, and family responsibilities.
  3. FSC participants will receive an orientation prior to participating in a Pat’s Place that will cover cultural sensitivity, emergency contact information, health and safety. FSC will evaluate the need of providing each participant with a cell phone, phone card, or other way to privately contact FSC in the event of any concerns.
  4. Both FSC participants and host families will be given written agreements to sign that outline expectations and reasons why the Pat’s Place would be terminated.
  5. FSC participants will be immediately removed from the home if the FSC participant reports perceived physical abuse, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, domestic violence, illegal drug use, alcohol abuse, discrimination against the beliefs/ religious/ sexual/racial identities, or any other situation that threatens the safety of the FSC participant. Staff will not question the participant’s perception before removing them from the home. However, if the participant’s discomfort is not related to one of the incidents listed above, then the staff will work with the participant and the host family to try to resolve the issue.
  6. In the event of any concerns or complaints on the part of either the FSC participants or the host family, the situation will be investigated by FSC staff and/or consultants and a determination made on whether the host family will be used again. A report will be written and filed at the local office and copied to the case file.
  7. Participants are expected to safeguard their personal belongings. FSC is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  8. At the end of every Pat’s Place placement, the coordinator will get written evaluations from participants and review them before placing participants there again.